The 3 Types of Real Estate Agents (Which One Are You Using?)

If you go on public sites to search for properties you will notice listings with poor property descriptions, a lack of photos as well as poor presentation of the property.

How do these properties get sold? Regardless of poor presentation, these properties get sold for one reason – by riding the wave of a hot market.

We broke down agents of these listings down into 3 categories:

New or Emerging Agents

 Most new agents may not have money to market a house. They pass their licence and a significant amount of their savings goes towards their education, branding, website, business cards and perhaps leasing a BMW.

An agent gets paid on closing, which is the date the keys transfer and this can take months. They are bogged down with expenses while waiting to receive their pay cheque and it will take a few deals to get out of this cycle to have capital on hand to market a property.

Experienced Agents

Experienced agents evaluate the market conditions and spend accordingly – for the most part.  If the market is hot, they will do a minimal amount of marketing as the property is most likely going to sell anyway.  

If the market is slow, they will cut back on spending as there is a risk that the property may not sell and they would have to take money out from their own pocket.

Professional Agents

These agents have a structure for marketing that they follow each time they acquire a new listing. These are the agents you want to list your property with as consistency is key.

These people have systems in place for every step of the process, from the consultation to marketing to signing the deal.

Where do you find professional agents?

Through your own research, what you want to look for in an agent is consistency.

One way is to go on the agent’s website and look for consistency in the description, lighting, and style of images on the active properties.

Or the easy way is to hire Residency.

At Residency we are all about consistency and having systems in place for the entire sales process. This way we do not have keep making things up as we go along.

This ensures your experience with us is that much more enjoyable.

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