Don’t Be Fooled – Agent recommendations by family and friends may not be the best for you

A large part of business in real estate is driven by referrals so don’t get yourself caught in one just because it is your relative or a friend. Your friend from Coquitlam may be an excellent agent when buying properties in Coquitlam but he may not be the best agent to buy with in Vancouver as he will not have the area expertise that a local agent would have.

You will not know if you had a bad referral until it’s too late which is usually after the sale.  Here’s what to do if you are recommended a real estate agent

  1. Make sure to compare at least two other local real estate agents to the one recommended to you before you hire them as your agent.
    Your friends and family might have had a positive experience working with that realtor but you want to make sure that they have your best interest at heart rather than someone who just wants to close a deal. You want to pick a realtor agent who can create the most opportunities for you in the market.
  2. What kind of marketing skills do they have and what are they going to do for you?
    Another thing to consider is how will they present and advertise your property? Are they going to be present at open houses answering questions? Will they present themselves or your property? How the agent presents and markets your property impacts how others view your house and the potential of the amount of offers you receive in return.
  3. What is their level of knowledge of the area you are planning to buy in?
    Hiring an agent based in Richmond that your friends recommended when you are looking to buy in Kitsilano may not be the best idea. Unless the agent has had at least 10 transactions in that area in last 2 years, it would be wiser to seek out an agent who primarily deals with properties in that area.

Hiring a friend or a family member might save you on commission, but there is a high chance that you will miss out on maximizing the value of your house due to inexperience.

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