What are the 2 most valuable things to real estate agents?

  1. Listing Contract – Where the agents signs the listing with the seller
  2. Sale/Purchase Contract – Where the agents helps facilitate the transaction


Everything else in between the two becomes an obligation. This mentality is not limited to real estate but is present in every business that is backed by a commission based structure.


The real estate agent’s efforts on marketing, open houses, taking phone calls, setting up and being present at showings are not directly related to their commission, but directly impacts the sale price of your home.As the real estate industry is


As the real estate industry is commission based, it’s natural for people to think like this when you relate every task to a dollar.  Everything has bestowed a value and tasks become an obligation when there is little to no value behind it.


This is not to say that people are purposely neglecting steps in between, but that it is just in human nature to want to go for things that provide you with the most value.

So how can you prevent yourself?
 Ask your Real Estate agent for a marketing plan and clearly, ask them what are investments will they be doing in terms of services and products to sell your house 
OR call us at the Residencity Real Estate Team.

The true value of your property is closely intertwined with the steps that your real estate agent takes to market your property and your listing price is directly impacted when components are missed.


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