How do real estate agents get away with crappy photos?

Have you ever found it unusual that in the age of digital imagery, many properties are still presented online with a meagre handful of photos, if any at all? Our lives are entwined with photos and imagery; smartphones are everywhere, and social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have become ubiquitous, multi-billion-dollar companies. Yet somehow, the real estate industry tends to lag in grasping the full importance of quality photography for listing a property.

So how is it exactly, that a real estate agent might get by without so much as a single photograph for something as big as the sale of your home?

  1. Agents are freelancers and can choose to do as little or as much as they see fit when listing a property. It is critically important to find an agent that believes in the importance of listing photography.
  2. Brokerages have zero control over agents’ marketing efforts when listing a property, or on behalf of a seller. They do offer incentives to promote an agent to get more photos but cannot force a set standard.
  3. The only entity that can mandates a requirement is the local real estate board, and their base requirement is: a minimum of 1 photo of the property

At Team Residencity, we believe that professional photos are key to marketing your property and we have listed photography standard practice. Our marketing team will evaluate your property, and choose the number of images that is right for your listing. 15 images is the bare minimum but some properties may warrant as many as 40 images. Additionally, we utilize cutting-edge Matterport 3D scanning technology to further enhance the buyer’s experience online. Call Residencity at 604.288.9166 or email to list your home with us.