Should you choose the Realtor who suggests the highest listing price?

The value of your house is not determined by your real estate agent. Factors such as the economy, location, quality of build, the current state of competition, etc. play a larger role in deciding the listing value on your house than what your agent says. In the end, it also depends on how many buyers you can get and all of that comes down to marketing.  

Your goal should not be to simply choose the realtor who provides the highest listing price, but to choose one who is honest with you and comfortable with discussing the realistic value of your property.

The key to getting the highest price for your property is to list with someone that knows how to market your house. With Residencity, our marketing team will ensure that your property is marketed well with tools such as professional photos, video tours and open houses to name a few. Call us at 604.288.9166 for your free home inspection and to see what we can do for you.