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What Should My Real Estate Agent Do to Sell My Home?

Is your agent really looking after you?

When you’re selling your home in the Vancouver area, you need someone who specialises in selling homes. Why?

Because an agent who’s an expert in home sales will provide extra services that will help you get the most money out of your home. Here’s what to ask when you interview prospective agents:

Do You Conduct Pre-Market Home Inspections for Your Clients?

Many real estate agents advise clients to hire an inspector before they put their home on the market. But don’t perform the inspection themselves.

As a result, many clients shy away from a pre-inspection. They may be worried they’ll uncover a money trap or they may not want to pay to inspect a home they won’t live in any longer.

At Residencity, we provide a better solution. We pay for our clients’ home inspection even before their home goes on the market.

We think that your real estate agent should do so, too. After all, knowing your home’s best points, as well as its flaws, can help your agent sell your home more effectively.

Do You Give Clients Tips to Maximise Their Home’s Selling Price?

After the pre-listing inspection, your real estate agent should provide several suggestions to help you get the most out of your home. For example, if the inspector found your gutters clogged, you can make your home more attractive to buyers by paying a few dollars to have them cleaned.

If a few floorboards are loose, tighten them so prospective buyers won’t be turned off by the squeak. You get the idea.

You may not want to pour a lot of money into your home but you can do several things to entice buyers to consider your home over the one down the street. Your real estate agent should give you a list of home improvement tips that can maximise your home’s selling price before it goes on the market.

Do You Stage and Photograph Your Clients’ Homes?

Buyers are more willing to plunk down a good chunk of change when they can imagine their own furniture fitting well into the home. That’s why a staging a home can make or break a sale.

A professional real estate agent should be able to advise you on how to best stage your home, using your existing furniture. They’ll tell you how to position your furniture in a more inviting way, and suggest you store your personal items (like your Canucks banner and your wedding picture).

This way prospective buyers can picture their own photographs and belongings in the home.

After staging, a quality real estate agent will bring a professional photographer to your home to show your home’s best face to the world. Since you’re paying the commission the real estate agent should include these services.

Never let an agent take home photographs with their smart phone. The results will be vastly inferior and your home won’t do well compared to others. (Click to Tweet)

Do You Provide Floor Plans and Specification Sheets to Prospective Buyers?

You wouldn’t buy a car that didn’t have an owner’s manual would you? It’s the same with real estate.

You need to know where to find various amenities, how large the place is, and what condition it’s in. A great real estate agent will provide those things so potential buyers will know everything they need to before they buy.

Yours agent should, too.

Here at Residencity, we provide three things to our clients before we put their homes on the market: a floor plan, a manual, and a specification sheet.

When buyers know that the former owners have taken care of every detail for them, they will be more likely to purchase the home with no worries. Less to stress about, more reasons to buy.

After you find a few real estate agents who will go the extra mile to sell your home, it’s time to narrow down your choices to find the very best one for your needs.

If you live in the Vancouver area and want an agent who will look after you and do what’s necessary to maximise the selling price for your home, contact Residencity today.


4 Simple Things to Help Maximize the Sale Price of Your Home

How do you get the most you can for your most valuable asset?

When it comes to selling your home, you want to do everything in your power to get the highest selling price you can for it. It’s likely to be your most valuable asset, and you’ve worked for it.

This doesn’t mean you need to do a complete overhaul on your home – and you shouldn’t. Undertaking major work may end up costing more than the value it adds. 

Luckily, there are several simple things you can do to bump up your home’s value before the sale. (Click to Tweet)

Spruce Up Your Yard

Your home’s curb appeal plays a major role in its value. Make sure your lawn is looking its best, trim your trees and plant a few flowers. 

Don’t go too overboard, though; prospective buyers don’t want to think about all the yard work that will be involved. The plants you choose should look great but be easy to care for.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

New paint is the quickest way to give your home a facelift and make it feel like new. You don’t need to do the entire house, but look out for any areas that are worn, peeling or stained. 

Try to keep the overall look as consistent as possible so that no area looks significantly better than any others.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

New fixtures, like doorknobs, cabinet pulls and faucets can transform your kitchen and bathrooms. 

Remember that you will no longer be living in the house, so there’s no need to go for the most expensive options. Choose something that looks nice and fresh but that doesn’t break the bank.

Clean Your Carpets

This is something that you should entrust to the professionals. The last thing you want your prospective buyers to see is the areas of wear and tear leading up and down every hallway. 

Professional carpet cleaners can restore your carpets to their former glory so that they almost look like they have never been walked on.

For even more ideas like these, let Residencity handle the sale of your Vancouver home. We are experts at what we do and can help you get the most out of your property sale. 

That way you can use the proceeds towards the purchase of your dream home. 

We’re revolutionizing the sales process to make it easier for vendors and buyers alike. When you sell with us you receive the best staging, photography, and marketing available. Your home looks its best, which maximizes the sale price.

Call us on 604.288.9166 today to learn more about our services and to get your home sale started.


I don’t want to sell my house anymore. Now what?

You the seller, always has the option of selling the home or refusing any offer made. You do not have to accept the very first offer even if it is for the asking price. The seller always has the right to decide whether they want to continue selling the house or not sell it at all, even after the realtor has put forth the efforts of marketing the house.

Here are the three stages of selling a home and here is when you can or cannot back out of selling your home:

  1. Listing
    • The seller can back out anytime they wish
  2. Offer
    • Seller cannot back out
    • Buyer can back out
  3. Closing
    • Nobody can back out

If in the end you really decide that you’re not ready to part with your home and decide not to sell anymore, then the real estate agent may ask for reimbursement for marketing expenses that have accrued.

What happens after you decide to break up with your real estate agent? Here’s Residencity’s advice on contract terminations: https://www.residencity.com/pick-realtor-give-you-unconditional-release/


BMW vs Honda: Which agent is working harder?

Real estate agents are walking advertisements. The way they conduct themselves in public is considered a representation of how they work and is usually the first impression that a potential client receives from them.

Let’s talk about the cars of real estate agents. We have two well-dressed real estate agents and at first glance, the individual driving the BMW seems like an agent who has many clients and has closed many successful deals. The fellow with the Honda, may be an individual who is starting out in the real estate field and is not as experienced yet.

Although we know that this may not necessarily be the case, our subconscious makes these assumptions for us whether we realize it or not and oftentimes it plays into our decision making. In reality, the individual driving the Honda may have purchased and paid the car off in full whereas the agent driving the BMW may be leasing it, paying several hundred dollars per month.

What we’re NOT trying to say here is that the agent driving a Honda is the better agent. What we’re TRYING to say here is that the brand of car your agent drives is a tool they use to market themselves, and not so much a representation of how hard hard of a worker or successful they are as an agent. Although this goes against our assumptions, it would simply be incorrect to label that one agent is working harder than the other simply by the car they drive.

When choosing a real estate agent, evaluate the agent’s marketing plan by seeing what they have done in past. Not everything in the marketing plan benefits you. Head on over here for our cheat sheet to on how to interpret real estate agent marketing plans, or even simpler, call us at 604.288.9166 or email us to list your home.


Decrypting real estate marketing plans

You’ve agreed to list with an agent and their next step is presenting you with their “tried and true marketing plan” that is “guaranteed” to sell your home. It appears that the more there is on the plan, the better the agent is, but not everything listed may be for your benefit. Here are some common methods we see and what they really mean:


1. “Your listing will be posted on a ‘Multiple Listing Service (MLS®)’ or ‘REALTOR.ca'”. This is good, although not the greatest incentive to hire a real estate agent as every agent lists here and it should be expected that your agent will do so.


2.“Your property will be promoted on our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. How many likes, followers and subscribers do the channels have and how active are they?


3.“Distribution of marketing materials with your home listed around your neighbourhood and at open houses” Ask your agent what type of marketing materials they will be creating and when they will be printed and distributed. To give you a guideline, creating a flyer and sending it off to a printer and courier takes at least 5 days if done diligently.


4.”Professional Photos” This phrase is open to many different interpretations especially in the real estate world. What does “professional” mean to the agent? It can be anywhere from a dated point and shoot camera to smartphone photos. Always ensure that the photographer is a professional real estate photographer. Not a wedding photographer, not someone who photographs headshots, not someone who does sport photography. You want someone who specializes in making your home look good in photographs. At Residencity, we believe that having professional photos is a required component when listing a home.


5.”‘In-office’ marketing’: sending an email to all the real estate agents within their brokerage” The reality is, real estate agents receive countless of emails each and every day and your property will not be a priority. On top of that, agents and their clients already have a specific type of property they are looking for. This really only targets a small niche of buyers and will not add much value or have a great impact on you selling your home.


6.“Additional advertising on websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist to increase exposure on your property” People go on these websites to find pets, free or second hand things and not a house. They may be looking at a house to rent- but these people are not your target audience and therefore this does not hold much value.


7.“We advertise regularly on magazines and newspapers” Again, it is important to think about what they are advertising and the amount of exposure you will get. How often is this publication published? Which publications do you advertise in? How is it distributed?


8.“I am on X buses, X bus benches and X bus stops throughout the lower mainland and people frequently call for neighbourhood listings” What this tells you is that the agents are advertising themselves and not your property. Have you ever seen a bus ad where a property took precedence over the agent? Chances are, most of the calls they will receive are potential clients rather than potential buyers who are interested in your listing.


9.“Your property will be advertised on your agent’s personal website” How effective is it to actually have your listing on your agent’s personal website? How many unique visitors does the site receive and how many page views does it get? Unless the buyer has a relationship with the agent, chances are, their first searches will go to realtor.ca or other MLS pages.


At Residencity, we believe in only doing things that hold a significant value when it comes to selling your home. By that we mean focusing on photography, videography, proper staging, floor plans, feature sheets, aerial/drone imagery and 360 tours- things that will maximize your selling price. If you’re interested in listing with Residencity, give us a call at 604.288.9166 to see what we can do for you.